Memorial Day Refrigerator Sale

Top Memorial Day Refrigerator Sale 2023 & Deals – Upto 70% Off

Here you will find information about Memorial Day sales on refrigerators 2023.

Sales of refrigerators on Memorial Day this year have far exceeded our projections. As supply chain problems related to the pandemic continue to resolve, major retailer websites have resumed offering discounts on refrigerators. There was a dramatic drop in the availability of refrigerators and washer/dryer combos because of the epidemic, leading to price hikes. However, it appears that most of the pressure has passed.

You should buy a new fridge today if you’ve been thinking about getting one but have been putting it off owing to a lack of good selections or high prices. We’ve searched the web for the best Memorial Day refrigerator sales from the most well-known retailers. Get a new refrigerator for your home at a steep discount this time of year.

List of Memorial Day Refrigerator Sale 2023

Offers NameOffers Links
LG Electronics 27 cu. ft. Smart Counter Depth MAX French Door Refrigerator (Save $601)View Offers
Samsung 36 in. 27.4 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator (Save $368)View Offers
GE 27.0 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator (Save $622)View Offers
LG Electronics 26 cu. ft. French Door Smart Refrigerator (Save $701)View Offers

LG Electronics 27 cu. ft. Smart Counter Depth MAX French Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator can be easily integrated into virtually any layout, and it provides ample storage space. Only LG offers the same amount of storage as a standard-depth refrigerator in a sleek counter-depth design, so you won’t have to choose between the two. The dispenser is concealed within the doors to maintain a sleek and uncluttered appearance while still providing easy access to clean drinking water.

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Samsung 36 in. 27.4 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator

Its minimalist display dispenser, sleek design, and fingerprint-resistant surface make the Samsung 27.4 cu. ft. Side by Side refrigerator a high-capacity model that will look excellent in any kitchen. Big Capacity has roughly 10% extra room, so you can keep a lot more in there. You can easily rearrange your freezer to make room for the taller items on the top level.

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GE 27.0 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator

GE Appliances is committed to bringing the best to life by producing the highest-quality, most cutting-edge appliances on the market. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing them the best home appliances we can make that also take practical considerations into account. If you’re a purist who only uses fresh ingredients in the kitchen or if you’re a soccer mom who has to wash a bunch of soiled uniforms, GE appliances are up to the task.

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LG Electronics 26 cu. ft. French Door Smart Refrigerator

Keeping a clean refrigerator is no longer an impractical fantasy. Two ice makers and 26 cubic feet of space will come in handy during the family reunion. On top of that, our ingenious refrigeration technology is made to extend the length of time that your food retains its peak flavor and freshness.

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What stores have the best Memorial Day deals on refrigerators?


Best Buy has discounts on refrigerators for Memorial Day.

The Memorial Day sales event at Best Buy this year has deep discounts on a variety of refrigerator models. Refrigerators from brands including Frigidaire, General Electric, KitchenAid, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and even Best Buy’s own Insignia are currently marked down significantly. Free two-day shipping is included with the purchase of many refrigerators on Memorial Day, and in many cases, you can even pick up your new fridge the same day you make your purchase at a Best Buy near you. Appliances priced at $1,499 or more can be financed interest-free for 24 months with the My Best Buy credit card through June 8th. Many of Best Buy’s best appliance deals of the year are featured during this sale, so waiting until Prime Day or Black Friday is probably not going to save you any more money.

Home Depot is having a Memorial Day sale on refrigerators.

Home Depot’s Memorial Day sale has already started, so there’s no point in waiting. Some of the appliances at Home Depot were 39% cheaper than their typical prices. Popular refrigerator manufacturers include Frigidaire, General Electric, KitchenAid, LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool. Free shipping is standard, and some models may even be refunded in some cases based on your zip code. Refrigerators featuring top and bottom freezers, side-by-side doors, drawers, and French doors are just some of the options available at Home Depot.

Refrigerators are on sale at Lowe’s for Memorial Day.

You may save a lot of money on a new refrigerator during Lowe’s Memorial Day sale. On select major appliances, we are offering additional Memorial Day discounts of up to $750t major appliances, we are offering additional Memorial Day discounts of up to $750! The last day of the sale is June 8, 2022. A refrigerator can be purchased for $299 and is available for same-day or next-day pick-up, as well as free local delivery. Major appliances at Lowe’s can be financed for 12 months with no interest if you spend at least $299. All the top brands, including Hisense and Haier, are included in Lowe’s Memorial Day sale on refrigerators. Whirlpool, Samsung, and GE all offer more than 140 unique models of refrigerator. In the same vein as its competitors, Lowe’s offers a wide selection of refrigerators, some of which even feature nifty add-ons.

What to look for when purchasing a refrigerator

There are several things to think about while picking out a new fridge. Here are a few of the most important things to think about:

Size: The refrigerator’s size is crucial since it has to fit in the area you’ve set aside for it. Measure the available space in terms of the refrigerator’s dimensions (height, width, and depth).

Capacity: Consider the typical amount of food and drink that you store in the refrigerator when deciding on the fridge’s capacity. Using this information, you may select the correct size and stay away from wasteful over- or under-purchasing.

Energy efficiency: Reduce your energy use and your monthly costs by selecting an energy-efficient refrigerator. Energy Star certification ensures that a product has been tested and meets stringent guidelines for energy efficiency.

Features: Think about the functions you require from a refrigerator, such as ice production, water dispensing, temperature regulation, and storage space. Check that the fridge you’re interested in buying has all the functions you need.

Brand and reputation: Look for well-known brands that have received high marks from previous buyers. This can help guarantee that you get a durable and reliable product.

Price: Establish a financial limit before shopping for a fridge and focus on models that fall within that limit. Check around at a few stores to see what the greatest bargain is.

Style: Think about whether you want a side-by-side, top-freezer, or bottom-freezer refrigerator. Pick a look that serves your purposes and goes well with the rest of your kitchen accessories.

Is Memorial Day a good time to buy a fridge?

A refrigerator purchase on Memorial Day is a possibility. Many stores have promotions in honor of Memorial Day, making it a wonderful time to buy major goods like refrigerators at steep discounts. You could find a fantastic price on a new refrigerator this holiday weekend, as many stores offer big discounts on appliances. The end of May, around the time of Memorial Day, is an excellent time to shop for a refrigerator because that’s when many new models are released and stores may be trying to get rid of older stock. You should do your homework before buying a refrigerator to make sure you receive the best price and that it suits your needs and preferences.

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