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20 Best Frame TV Memorial Day Sale 2023 & Deals: What to Expect

We’ve found some incredible deals on televisions during this year’s Memorial Day sales craze, from entry-level models beginning at $99 to high-end OLEDs from Samsung, LG, and Vizio. You can get a brand new 65-inch 4K TV from Toshiba for $499.99, a brand new Samsung 4K Crystal for an unbelievable $399.99, and a brand new LG C1 OLED monitor for a record-low $1,549!

The Samsung QN90A, a 90-inch 4K UHD TV, is currently $2,400 off for the Memorial Day sale. This 85-inch QLED 4K TV is not only one of the best and biggest available, but also one of the cheapest. In 2021, this product would have set you back $5,000, but in 2022, it will only set you back $2,600. It’s a massive display, ideal for playing video games or viewing sporting events. Its low input delay and lightning-fast response time make it ideal for high-stakes gaming competitions. But if you wait until 2023, you can get the same TV for only $4500, a savings of $500!

The Samsung QN800A may be the best 8K TV of 2023, with only its more expensive sister, the QN900A, having a chance to compete. A new range of slightly revised 8K TVs from Samsung is being released over the Memorial Day weekend, but in the meantime, you can save a tonne on this cutting-edge model. At a discount of $1,500 off its list price, this 65-inch TV boasts an impressive 8K resolution and a densely packed picture. Excellent upscaling makes even 4K video look nearly as good as native 8K.

Here are list of Frame TV Memorial Day Sale 2023

Ser NoModel Name
132-inch Samsung The Frame 4K TV: $500, was $600
243-inch Samsung The Frame 4K TV: $850, was $1000
350-inch Samsung The Frame 4K TV: $950, was $1300
455-inch Samsung The Frame 4K TV: $1400, was $1500
565-inch Samsung The Frame 4K TV: $1600, was $2,000
675-inch Samsung The Frame 4K TV: $2200, was $3000

In 2023, the Frame was updated to be much slimmer, but it still managed to be surprisingly portable. The customised stand, which mimics an easel, further solidifies the look and feel of a painting, and Samsung offers a variety of magnetically snapping coverings to help match the colour of the wall or space. Consequently, it is reasonable to infer that the frame effectively converts the massive black cube of a switched-off TV into an aesthetically pleasing piece of art. Samsung also offers an Art Shop subscription service for $5/month, giving users access to even more visual delights for their screens. You can turn it into a digital book by adding your own pictures and artwork.

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The Samsung Frame is a unique TV that, at its present discount of $499 (from $599), is affordable and would look great in a kitchen or dining room. However, as part of the Memorial Day sales, there are a tonne of excellent TV deals available today. But you better hurry because all the best sales finish at midnight tonight.

Until it’s too late, save big on a brand-new Samsung Frame TV from 2023 by selecting your ideal screen size from among seven options. Choose between a sleek modern border in black, white, or brown.

The Frame TV is affordable for many households because it can be paid for in different ways.

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